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Luigi Ceccarelli


Koramachine [1981]

for modulated violin and 7 amplified instruments
(vl, alto, 2 double bass, fl, 2 Bb cl.)


June 13, 1981 – Perugia, Morlacchi Theater, concert by the Music Conservatory

November 28, 1981 – Rome, Sala Casella Festival Musica Verticale – Conductor Franco Sbacco, soloist Koram Jablonko,
C. Tamponi Fl, R. Laneri, D. Keberle Cl, Luigi De Filippi Vl, G. Tambè Via, M. Federici , M. Bagella Cb.

December 21, 1981 – Reggio Emilia, Ariosto Theater New Musical Research – Music / Reality Ensemble directed by Dario Indrigo

October  10 1987  – Rome, Palazzo della Cancelleria, Festival Musica Verticale – Conductor Tonino Battista, soloist Koram Jablonco, A. Ceccomori Fl, G. Mirabassi Cl, Giuseppe Bruni Vl, Ernst Spits Vla, Enzo Giuliani Cello, Stefano De Simone and Marcello Federici Cb, L. Ceccarelli, N. Bernardini, L. Spagnoletti live electronics

In Koramachine two different sound systems are contrasted, an instrumental group and a violin electronically processed in real time with a ring modulator. The contrast between the two groups is not only of a timbral nature, but it is the very procedure of creating the sound that follows conceptually opposite criteria: the traditional instrumental group produces a timbre that is given by the sum of each individual instrument, while the

sound result of the modulated violin is given by progressive transformations of a single starting sound.
“Koramachine” was written in 1981 and is the first in a series of works for solo instrument with electronic processing created by the author. To this follow: “Incontro con Rama” for trombone, “Titanic & Icarus s.p.a.” for percussion and “Etaoin Shrdlu” for double bass.
These works were composed using the harmonic natural scale.

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