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Alessandro Cipriani completed his studies in music composition and electroacoustic music at the Conservatorio S.Cecilia in Rome with G.Bizzi and G.Piazza. He studied for a time with Barry Truax in Vancouver (Canada).

He has collaborated for many years with the visual artist Alba D’Urbano creating the musical part of 4 videos, 4 sound video installations and an interactive sound installation on sixteen channels, exhibited at the Hoesch Museum in Dueren (Germany). He has also dedicated himself to the production of: pieces for voices, instruments and electronics; intermedia works (music for video, theater, dance, poetry); a trilogy on religious chant (Islamic, Hebrew, Gregorian) and works with musicians and singers of oral tradition (Finnish Lapland, Rwanda, Japan, China, Albania, South Africa etc.); an audiovisual trilogy on the theme of the shipwreck in collaboration with Giulio Latini.

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