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Audiovisual works

“SHIPWRECKS / NAUFRAGI” audiovisual trilogy

SHIPWRECKS/NAUFRAGI AUDIOVISUAL TRILOGY, duratION 28 minutES Video: Giulio Latini Music, sound design, AND TEXTS: Alessandro Cipriani Scéne de Naufrage Naufragio The Last Shipwreck   The book/art catalog of this trilogy “SHIPWRECKS/NAUFRAGI” edited by Valentino Catricalà with articles by musicologists and

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Aug , 10
“SHIPWRECKS / NAUFRAGI” audiovisual trilogy


Video Giulio Latini, music by Alessandro Cipriani e Isabeella Beumer - Inspired by “Nuotatrici” (1910-11) by Carlo Carrà, “Compenetrazione iridescente n. 7 (1912-14) by Giacomo Balla. Performers Isabeella Beumer, sound Alessandro Cipriani.

Nov , 25
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