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FAUST – The Italian Tour [2016]

A research on the language of Beijing Opera

Direction: Anna Peschke

November 3 – 13, Modena, Teatro delle Passioni
November 17 – 20, Ravenna, Teatro Alighieri
November 22, Piacenza, Teatro Municipale
November 24-27, Cesena, Teatro Bonci
November 30 – December 4, Cagliari, Teatro Massimo
3-5 March 2017: Teatro Due – Parma (Italy)
7-12 March 2017: Teatro Argentina – Roma (Italy)
16-19 March 2017: Teatro Metastasio – Prato (Italy)
21-26 March 2017: Teatro Elfo Puccini – Milano (Italy)
29 March- 2 April 2017: Teatro Sociale – Brescia (Italy)
15-16 May 2017, Wiesbaden (Germania), Staatstheater
21 May 2017, Kassel (Germania), Staatsschauspiel
24-25 May 2017, Saarbrücken (Germania), Musikfestspiele Saar

China National Peking Opera Company
ERT – Fondazione Emilia Romagna Teatri

FAUST – A Research on the Language of Beijing Opera

text by Li Meini based on the tragic play “Faust, Part One” by Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Translation Fabrizio Massini
Concept and Direction – Anna Peschke – Assistant Director Xu Mengke







Original Music
Luigi Ceccarelli
Alessandro Cipriani
Chen Xiaoman

Liu Dake – Faust
Xu Mengke – Valentin
Wang Lu – Mephistopheles
Zhang Jiachun – Gretchen









Vincenzo Core (Electric Guitar and Live Electronics)
Wang Jihui (jinghu)
Niu LuLu (gong)
Laura Mancini (percussions)
Ju Meng (yueqin)
Giacomo Piermatti (Double Bass)
Wang Xi (bangu)

Set Design Anna Peschke
Stage Lights Tommaso Checcucci
Costumes Akuan
Make-Up Li Meng

Set design elements were built in Emilia Romagna Teatro Lab by Gioacchino Gramolini Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione / China National Peking Opera Company
Thanks to Confucius Institute for the collaboration

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