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Architecture buro



video by Giulio Latini

music by Alessandro Cipriani

(2009, 18')

ROTAZIONE (Rotation)

audiovisual work in 3 movements
music by Alessandro Cipriani
video by Giulio Latini
texts by Gianni Fontana, Arrigo Lora Totino, Giulia Niccolai

performers: Giovanni Fontana, Viola Latini, Arrigo Lora Totino

Tribute to futurism in three movements

I Movement

“RPE (Rust of Unexploded Dust)”

on sound text by Arrigo Lora Totino

In the sound: the expansion of time, of the sound space and “capture” of the heights of breaths and laughter by Lora Totino in a reconfigured “terraced” time, rhythm-space-timbre interrupted / intensified, finally disintegrated.
In the vision: encounters and dynamic contrasts of temporally different pressures. Simple geometric elements led, through interruptions / intensifications, to a progressive and liberating flaking.

II Movement

“31st Shot”

on a poetic text and performance by Giovanni Fontana

The voice-body in its extreme slowness, in its extreme speed, the evanescent weight of time.
Explosion of the visible / invisible cage. A vortex that cancels the false saying of the powerful / bullies.

Inspired by “La città che sale” (1911) by Umberto Boccioni, “The funeral of the anarchist Galli”

Giovanni Fontana (1910-11) by Carlo Carrà.

III Movement


freely based on a poetic text by Giulia Niccolai

performer Viola Latini
The voice-body in the extreme seriousness of the game of the destruction of meaning, as opposed to the loss of meaning. The line. The point. The square. The circle.
In Viola’s flight, the loss of the center, the reversibility of the sign.

Inspired by Giacomo Balla’s “Abstract speed + noise” (1913-14).

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