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“SHIPWRECKS / NAUFRAGI” audiovisual trilogy [2023]



Video: Giulio Latini
Music, sound design, AND TEXTS: Alessandro Cipriani

  1. Scéne de Naufrage
  2. Naufragio
  3. The Last Shipwreck


The book/art catalog of this trilogy
edited by Valentino Catricalà
with articles by musicologists and art critics such as Guido Barbieri, Giovanni Bietti, Laura Cherubini, Marco Maria Gazzano†, and Lorenzo Madaro, is published on Manfredi Editore.

Florence, 12 March 2022 – Tempo Reale – “Lampi.” PARC Performing Arts Research Centre – (Premiere of the Trilogy)
Rome, 27 April 2022 – Exhibition “Il Video Rende Felici – Videoarte in Italia” (Video Makes You Happy -Video Art in Italy), Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Milan, 31 Maggio 2022 – Brera Academy of Fine Arts (ex studio Hayez)
Rome, 14 July 2022 – “Festival ArteScienza.” Auditorium Goethe Institut
Alatri (FR), 30 Settembre 2022 – “Visioni Molteplici” (Multiple Visions), Sala della Biblioteca Comunale
Tivoli (RM), 30 October 2022 – “Arte e Parte” (evening by invitation)
Lecce, 20 Maggio 2023 “Anamòrphosis Festival”
Cinelab Bertolucci/Manifatture Kons
Cesena, 26 Maggio 2023 – Conservatory of Music, sala Dallapiccola
Rome, 8 December 2023 – Festival di Nuova Consonanza, La Pelanda

Screenings of individual parts of the trilogy
Rome, 30 November 2019, MACRO, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma (Screening of the 2nd part, Naufragio)
Matera 12 June 2021 – MA/IN Festival, Auditorium Casa Cava (Screening of the 3rd part, The Last Shipwreck)
Ancona, 26 October 2022 – XXIII CIM, Colloquium of Musical Informatics, Auditorium della Mole Vanvitelliana (Screening of the 3rd part, The Last Shipwreck)
Asolo, 18 June 2023 – Asolo Art Film Festival, Sala della Ragione (The Last Shipwreck – selected for the competition in the section Art Films)


Dispersed in the changing suspended textures of a marine landscape, fragments of bodies fluctuate between darkness and light. A sensitive architecture of voices progressively materializes in listening in the sign of the painful repetition of the “identical”, of the delirious religion of economic fundamentalism, of a calculating order from which nothing seems to be able to escape…

Among these images of bodies and ropes in the sea (which symbolically recall the dispersal and loss of thousands of people in the Mediterranean) appear, in the sound, screams of the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, shouted voices of football radio commentaries, echoes of life/market, of life/distraction, while a soft voice from the bottom of the divisive sea marks the time of days, months, years, with unanswerable questions…

Thus, little by little, between visible and invisible, between audible and inaudible, the language of the real and symbolic Shipwreck that marks the present time begins to transfigure itself into a dynamic portrait committed to igniting the senses of a journey inside and outside of oneself from many interpretative keys. A journey which, among other possible values, invites us to pause on the actual degree of relational openness of our gaze-listening…

On the effective degree of our welcoming responses to the voice, soft or shouted, of the vulnerability of the Other…

That is, neither more nor less than the mirror of myself.

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