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Luigi Ceccarelli



Avellino Concert

Sep , 26
Avellino Concert

Avellino (Ita), October 7 5,30 pm, Auditorium del Conservatorio di Musica
Settimane dell Musica Contemporanea – Le Scritture

concert by Luigi Ceccarelli
voices from acoustic space

Exsultet –  for gregorian chant voices on texts by the christian liturgy
Le Rane – an text by Giovanni Pascoli
Tupac Amaru, la Deconquista, il Pachacuti – from a poem by Gianni Toti

Pic – video by Luigi Ceccarelli
Birdwatching – music Luigi Ceccarelli, video Fabio Scacchioli

11 am
Electroacoustic music in visual space

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