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Battleship Potemkin at Here 2021 Festival (Sweden)

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Aug , 14
Battleship Potemkin at Here 2021 Festival (Sweden)



Vitlycke, Sweden, September 19, 2021, 8 pm
HERE 2021
International Performing Arts Festival

Vitlycke Center for Performing Arts

Edison Studio presents

BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (1925) Бронено́сец «Потёмкин»

directed by Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn
duration 68′

Soundtrack by Edison Studio

music and sound design Luigi Ceccarelli, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Alessandro Cipriani and Vincenzo Core
double bass Giacomo Piermatti – electric guitar Vincenzo Core

Edison Studio production
with the support of Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna

After more than 90 years from its first public projection, the composers collective Edison Studio re-interprets the moving images of The Battleship Potëmkin with an original soundtrack in which music, voices, sound effects and environmental sounds unveil athmospheres, senses and secret rhythms of Ejzenštejn’s masterpiece.

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