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Introduction to Edison Studio’s soundtrack for the film Metropolis

by admin
Oct , 16
Introduction to Edison Studio’s soundtrack for the film Metropolis

Roma, November 11, 2023, 7 pm
Parco della Musica
60° Festival di Nuova Consonanza

Exploring Edison Studio and the Metropolis Soundtrack

meeting with Edison Studio in preparation
of the film screening
Metropolis by Fritz Lang
with a live soundtrack by Edison Studio

the composers of Edison Studio will be present
free admission

the performance with the film and soundtrack by Edison Studio
will take place on November 30th at 9 pm at the Parco della Musica, Sala Borgna at 9 pm

In 2023, Edison Studio enriched the cinematic legacy with the soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. This event is an opportunity to closely examine the work of Edison Studio and how it influenced the vision of this classic.

During the presentation, we will explore the composition of Edison Studio in detail. The creative approach, which combined vocal, instrumental, mechanical, and electronic sounds, added new levels of depth to the film.

We will analyze the creative process, from film analysis to group work and sound experimentation. We will see how each member of the group contributed to creating a unique sound palette.

The soundtrack of “Metropolis” is not a simple accompaniment, but an expansion of the film itself.

The rhythm of the images has become “musical”, revealing new aspects of the story. The use of unusual sounds and the reconstruction of dialogue transformed the film into a work of “organized sound”, following the inspiration of Edgar Varèse.

We will also examine the role of sound in the audiovisual space. With a 7.1 surround setup, Edison Studio has created immersive dimensions that integrate with the different levels of “Metropolis”. This work on sound space brought the film into the twenty-first century.

Join us in this exploration of the marriage of music and cinema, as we discover Edison Studio’s contribution to the Metropolis soundtrack and its lasting impact on our understanding of this cinematic classic.

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