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News Edison 2005

Dec , 14
News Edison 2005

Florence (Ita), May 25, May 27OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
meeting on the relationship between sound and digital images

Wednesday, May 25, 11 pm
Vassiliev hall – Leopolda Station
curated by Mauro Cardi
works by Fanny & Alexander/A. Zapruder/Luigi Ceccarelli, Silvia Di Domenico and Giulio Latini/Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Silvia Di Domenico and Giulio Latini/Mauro Cardi, Giulio Latini/Alessandro Cipriani

Friday 27, 5 pm
Cantieri Goldonetta – via S. Maria 25
meeting with Alessandro Cipriani and Fabio Cifariello Ciardi
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari
live computer soundtrack Edison Studio – Roma


Roma (Ita), June 21 – Festa della Musica

Discoteca di Stato -Museo dell’Audiovisivo
in collaboration with Federazione CEMAT
Discoteca di Stato – Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32
10 pm Film
Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei
directed by Eleuterio Ridolfi (Ambrosio Film, 1913)
courtesy of the Cineteca del Friuli
live computer soundtrack by Edison Studio
music by Mauro Cardi, Luigi Ceccarelli, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Alessandro Cipriani
Fabio Cifariello Ciardi sound direction
co-Production Edison Studio di Roma – Fondazione MM&T di Milano

Edison Studio in a thesis at the University of Udine
Cristiano Biz
soundtracks and post-soundtracks in the editions and re-editions of the film  Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari
University of Udine
Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Bachelor DAMS
Speaker: Dr. Roberto Calabretto
Academic Year 2004 – 2005


Organised Sound 9/3
Collective Composition: the Case of Edison Studio
by Alessandro Cipriani, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Luigi Ceccarelli, Mauro Cardi
Cambridge University Press
CDROM attached to the magazine contains five multimedia examples drawn from  “Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompei
This article describes the collective experiences of the four composers at Edison Studio, who have recently been working on the soundtracks for two silent movies – four artists involved in the same discipline, working with the same skills and in the same roles. It describes their composition methods, ways in which problems are resolved, the new awareness and understanding they have acquired and the results of work created out of a re-evaluation of individual ways of operating, that seeks to bring together and strengthen the common ground between them.


ED_LosAngeles3Los Angeles, November 22, 2005, 8:30 pm
Roy and Edna Disney / Cal Arts Center
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Scream goes to the movies
The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari
Featuring Edison Studio | U.S. premiere
M.Cardi, L.Ceccarelli, F.Cifariello Ciardi, A.Cipriani
with thw support of Federazione Cemat – Sonora project – talian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

«When I saw their performance of The Last Days of Pompeii, an Italian silent film,
a few years ago, I realized that I had to bring them to Los Angeles for a presentation
of their new production for Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. Don’t miss this exciting
presentation by SCREAM (Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music)
and REDCAT. This promises to be one of the most entertaining presentations
in Los Angeles this season». (Barry Schrader)

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