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Sounds of Silences concerts

by admin
Nov , 30
Sounds of Silences concerts

December 18, 2022, 6 pm
Roma, Mattatoio – La Pelanda

59° Festival di Nuova Consonanza

Edison Studio presents
from the context of the Futuro Prossimo review
Concert of finalists of the Sounds of Silences competition
film screenings with soundtrack by composers awarded in past editions of the Sounds of Silences competition

Sounds of Silences 2016
Vincenzo Core soundtrack of
“One week” (1920) by Buster Keaton – 21:53

Sounds of Silences 2018
Sebastiano Trombatore soundtrack of
“Behind The Screen” (1916) by Charlie Chaplin – 23:48

Sounds of Silences 2019
Francesco Altilio soundtrack of
“Scarecrow” (1920) by Buster Keaton – 22:12

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