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Zarbing Album now on digital stores

by admin
Jan , 20
Zarbing Album now on digital stores


Mahammad Ghavi-Helm
zarb, daf, voices and metallic percussions

Luigi Ceccarelli – De Zarb à Daf
Alessandro Cipriani – Bi Ma (Devoid of Self)
Fabio Cifariello Ciardi – Altri Passaggi
Mauro Cardi – Alba

produced by Edison Studio
La Frontiera LFDL 18401 – RaiTrade RTP0090 – 2005


Edison Studio / Mahamad Ghavi Helm
ZARBING (Raitrade/Cni)

A virtuoso of the zarb and the daf, two different drums of ancient Persia, as well as a vocalist, Mahammad Ghavi Helm is an Iranian who now resides in France. A master of a musical tradition that began many millennia ago, as well as an expert in contemporary music, he now has met and joined forces with Luigi Ceccarelli, Alessandro Cipriani, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi and Mauro Cardi the four Italian composers of Edison Studio. All of the latter are very active in the production of music based on artificial sounds, and they have successfully gambled on the integration of electronic technology and ancestral percussion acoustic instruments. In the piece De zarb à zaf Ceccarelli is tribal and secular, while in Bi ma Cipriani is evocative and mysterious, in Altri passaggi Cifariello Ciardi is magnificently complex, suspended between technological euphoria and a “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, and finally in Alba Cardi is engrossed in refined sounds and original sequences.
Mario Gamba – Alias 37, il Manifesto 23/09/2006

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